Jose Escamilla               Street Supervisor 1329 Durrett Ave. Dumas Tx. 79029 806-935-4707 ext. 503

Street Department


The City of Dumas Street Department's mission is to preserve the City streets and alleys, to maintain the City's drainage system to remove storm water at the peak levels for which the system was designed. This department also ensures all traffic signalization is operating to safely and efficiently move vehicular traffic through the community.


This department also ensures that all traffic signalization is operating safely and efficient, to move 
vehicular traffic through the community by maintenance of streets, signs, striping of streets and 
city properties.

  • 70 miles of asphalt streets
  • 140 miles of curbs and gutters
  • 50 miles of unpaved alleys

Assisting Code enforcement department by:

  • Mowing vacant lots & alleys
  • Demolishing old structures upon request

Assisting Police & Fire Department by:
  • Set barricades for emergencies and special events
  • Removing debris from streets and alleys

Maintenance includes:
  • Sweeping streets
  • Pothole pavement repairs
  • Crack-sealing
  • Seal-coating
  • Mowing City right of ways
  • Vector control & vegetation control on streets and right of ways
  • Maintaining & putting up Christmas decorations

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