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This is a general outline of the routes the City of Dumas trucks must take to collect their designated area of town. Our town may not be huge as surrounding cities but it is not small and has grown substantially in the last decade. We collect Commercial and Residential waste separate, although they go to the same location, we must keep records of them separately. If you have any specific questions in regards to waste service contact us.


   Commercial waste is collected from 5 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday except on Wednesday and with exception of the holidays schedule change. Residential waste routes are collected Monday through Friday. Each route is divided and collected in two parts, one Monday and the other Tuesday, repeating again Thursday and Friday. North and South route out of town is picked up every other week, alternating one from the other. 


Commercial Route 1 Monday - All

Commercial Route 1 Monday - All
Commercial Route 2 Tuesday - All
Commercial Route 3 Thursday - All
Commercial Route 4 Friday - All
All South Route Residential Path
All North Route Residential Path (1)
All 4th Route Residential Path
All 3rd Route Residential Path 1
All 3rd Route Residential Path 2
All 3rd Route Residential Path 3 (North)
North Route - South Out of Town n After 3s
Super ZOOMED 1
Super ZOOMED 2