Municipal Solid Waste

Generated mainly from residential and commercial complexes. With the rising changes in lifestyle and food habits the amount of municipal solid waste has been increasing rapidly and its composition changes. 

  • M.S.Wis any waste generated by household, commercial, or institutional activities and is not hazardous. Depending on the physical state, waste can be categorized into various categories: municipal wastes, hazardous wastes, medical wastes, and radioactive wastes. The city of Dumas separates municipal solid waste into various subcategories to help keep material out of landfills that can be avoided. All material does not go into the same landfill.  There are areas sectioned off to hold material like Concrete, Tree limbs, Metal, Concrete or Ceramic, Refrigerants, Dry Material, Material that Decompose, Motor oil, and Recyclables. These materials have a specific destination after collection and must be processed correctly according to The Texas Commission on  Environmental Quality's regulations. 


          Household garbage is considered type 1 material which may include multiple waste items produced by a family occupation. Many items that can decompose will go into this household trash category. The City of Dumas does not have the capacity to collect mulch or food items for composting please place this in sealed bags and into your trash container. These items may produce stinky odors and attract all sorts of critters, especially flies. Remember these containers are shared with your neighbors so let us work together and keep a sanitary area. Any dry waste small enough to fit in your trash container, like wood or plastic, or small house items, photo frames, small aerosols, non-flammable items, and the following:   

    • Food waste
    • Candy wrappers, Plastic bags
    • Pet waste
    • Soiled/greasy paper or boxes
    • Styrofoam
    • Clothing
    • House ceramics
    • Drinking glasses
    • Paint containers (empty)
    • Oil containers (empty)
    • Rubber or latex items
    • Other non-recyclable putrescible


          This material collected will be disposed off at a type 4 landfill. This includes the collection of bulk dry items, Except for:  non hazardous material, liquid, semi-liquid, pesticides or the like, most industrial waste, wind blown waste, and any material that produces leachate. Some materials have their own location in landfill separated for individual processing,
Such materials as: Concrete, tile, Toilets or ceramic objects, Tree limbs, tree stumps, Metal, Refrigerators, Type 4 material will be in one area.

Such materials as:  
    • Furniture, 
    • Couches, 
    • Tables, 
    • Mattresses, 
    • Toys, 
    • Shredded or cut tires,
    • Shipping waste, pallets, etc, 
    • Glass,
    • Shingles, siding (Non Asbestos),
    • Rubber,
    • Vinyl and carpet.


Many of the commercial material will involve type 4 waste so it can fall in that category. We do not accept industrial waste amounts in City of Dumas landfill, TCEQ however may provide written authorization for some industrial wastes to be disposed if those wastes conform to the definition of Class 4 wastes.

No Dumping

Trash Container Rules



Our most collected material is Cardboard and Mix Paper. Cardboard is collected by our side-load truck from containers at participating businesses around the city and containers placed in front of building for residential drop off. It is brought back to recycling were it is sorted and baled. We transport the bales to a processing mill once we have a trailer load ready.  Paper is collected from containers in front of building for residential or businesses drop off and bringing in paper or documents for shredding. Once shredded and baled, it is later transported to a paper mill.  Glass is collected and taken to landfill where it is mixed with concrete and similar materials for processing. Our aluminum is collected and donated to charity fund organization. Plastic is collected and transferred by our collections truck to our landfill location. For any questions regarding Recycling please contact our waste department directly. 

Our Recycling Center collects: Glass, Plastic, Aluminum, Newspaper, Mixed Paper, and Cardboard.