Container Information

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Here is some information about waste containers found within the city. 

For Commercial purposes we only provide

  • 3-yard containers for businesses           
                                  Roll off Containers (3yd)

For Residential purposes we currently provide

  • 3 cubic yard tan containers for household waste
  • 1.5 cubic yard for household waste. *Residential areas that have narrow alleys have only 1.5-yard containers due to limited space.  
  • 3 cubic yard green containers are placed in residential areas for brush, limbs, leaves, and grass clippings.  

Container  Dimensions (Colors) Solid Waste Yard Waste
3 Yard Containers

            1.5-YARD-SIDE-LOAD (2)          Roll off Containers 1.5 yard

1.5 Yard Containers

For Residents and Businesses, within a 10-mile radius from the city limits (excluding industrial waste)

The city of Dumas provides Roll-off containers for a fraction of the competitor's price to help the economic growth of the city and its businesses.  30-yard, 20-yard, and 10-yard containers are available.
For more information on roll-off  Containers visit  Roll-off Services or to request service fill a  Roll-off Rental Application.