What do you need a permit for?

                 You will need to have a permit and bring it with you if: 
  • You have roofing material over 500 square feet
  • Any job involving plumbing, electrical or mechanical
  • Altering the structure of a building in any form
  • Building and replacing fence
  • Replacing tubs and showers
  • Concrete work that will have a structure built on it.
  • Constructing out building or moving a building in

    You do not need a permit for the following:
  • Roofing under 500 square feet
  • Installing flooring such as ceramic tile, vinyl, wood, carpet, etc.
  • Installing tile on walls, painting, patching walls
  • Replacing kitchen cabinets
  • Replacing sinks and toilets unless plumbing is involved
  • Landscaping or tree removal
  • Repairing a fence if under an 8 foot section or just replacing a few pickets
  • Concrete or gravel such as a driveway