Frequently Asked Questions


What are the landfill operating hours?
The landfill is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (closed for lunch from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM ) and also on Saturday from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM.
What will I be charged for bringing trash to the landfill?
Please see our disposal rates listed on our Fee Schedule (click here)
What and how much can I bring to the landfill for free?
Residents (with proof of residency from primary residence) are allowed to bring in ONE free load per week up to 1,000 pounds of Type 4 trash. Any subsequent loads or any loads exceeding 1,000 pounds will be charged by weight at $36.00 per ton. Contractors and commercial businesses will be charged $36.00 per ton for any and all trash brought to the landfill.
Do I have to pay for the trash that I take into the landfill?
Yes, landfill fees that are due must be paid at the scale house after unloading with either cash or credit/debit card.
What waste items will not be accepted at the landfill?
Liquid and hazardous wastes of any kind are prohibited by law. Oil, antifreeze, pesticides and oil-based paints are not accepted.  Lead acid batteries such as those used for automotive and marine purposes, yard waste, scrap metal and freon appliances are handled specially for recycling, but are accepted at the landfill.
Does the landfill accept trash from other cities/counties?
The City of Dumas Landfill only accepts trash that comes from within a 7 mile radius measured from the landfill.
If someone disposes of something that I would like to recycle, can I remove it from the landfill?
No. Scavenging and salvaging are prohibited by law. It can also be an unsafe practice to scavenge for items, as electrical wires may be frayed, items may be (or may have come into contact with) skin-irritating chemicals or medical waste, or countless other reasons.
Do I need to have a permit?
What identification do you require to prove residency?
We require a vaild driver's license with a current address or a copy of your utility bill or a copy of your permit
How does the landfill operate daily?

Starting the Day:

  • landfills type four and type one has been beginning as usual with the opening of scale house computer, collecting, and processing the daily data such as coordinates, leachate’s information, deposits, recheck the day before tickets, daily duties, etc. After that we proceed with more of the landfill roles as a receiving, recycling, processing, and covering the processed garbage

Receiving trash from the collection department:

  • Gathering the information from the incoming loads.
  • Directing the driver where to unload.
  • Indicating the exact spot to unload.

Recycling as much as we can (tires, metal):

  • Once the garbage has been unloaded, we remove tires and metal and take it in to a proper site to be haul to dumas landfill diverted area.

Process the incoming loads:

After we recycled as much as we can we proceed to clean the compactor cleats if that’s necessary to ensure the best compaction rate possible.

Cover the processed garbage:

  • After we are satisfied with the compaction rate, we proceed to place the adequate form of cover some time by alternative daily cover using a tarp system or 6” of dirt which is hauled and spread it on top of the processed garbage.

Diverted Area:

  • The roll of the diverted area consist of organized and direct the material that come through the facility scale but are not going in to none of the landfill pits instead it is going in to a previously designated area in the landfill facility perimeter, So later on it can be recycled through third party companies.
  • Materials such as concrete, tree limbs, metal, asphalt, virgin soils, tires, refrigerators, collection oil station and whatever has been recycled from the landfills pits as well.
  • This task is a tremendous help to save space in the landfill pits for our non-recyclable trash.