Gas Department

The City of Dumas Gas Department is responsible for getting gas from the city gate to the customers in a safe manner.  The City has two gas wells, which supply about 30% of our gas; the other 70% is purchased from other sources.

The Gas Department maintains the wells and compressors.  They are also responsible for the distribution system that includes gas mains, customer service taps, valves, meters, and line replacement.

One of the most important duties of the gas department is responding to a gas leak if a customer smells gas inside or even outside of the home.  Therefore, it is important that our citizens let us know if they smell gas. The gas department will respond immediately, and investigate the situation to determine if there is a problem.  If the leak is on the customer piping they will be informed to contact a plumber.

If a resident receives gas from the City of Dumas they are responsible for the maintenance and ownership of his/her gas service line from his/her building to the meter.
Anytime a customer suspects that he/she may have a gas problem, the customer should contact the City of Dumas Business Office at 935-4101 ext. 101 or the City of Dumas Warehouse at 935-4707.

If the gas problem is after regular working hours or on a holiday or weekend the Moore County Sheriffs Department should be contacted at 935-2151.  They will contact the appropriate City Personnel, and the problem will be addressed immediately.

Every year the City of Dumas' Gas system is audited by the Rail Road Commission and they have had no violations in the past 4 years.