Dont Litter
Waste Department Contact 818 E 19th St (806) 934-4866

Solid Waste Disposal

All household trash is to be put inside the tan dumpsters. If your children take the trash out for you, and don’t put it in the dumpsters, and the trash ends up on the ground, it is still your responsibility. Violations may result in littering charges being filed on you. (Littering = C misdemeanor.) Construction materials are not to be put in any of the dumpsters. All construction materials are to be taken to the landfill by the property owner or contractor. Any violations regarding construction materials can have charges filed for illegal dumping. (Illegal Dumping = B misdemeanor, A misdemeanor, or State Jail Felony depending on the volume or weight of debris)

The green dumpsters are for yard waste only. Any yard waste including branches must be made to fit inside the green dumpster. If you do not have a serviceable green dumpster behind  your property, you may put the yard waste inside a tan dumpster. It is not acceptable to put yard waste on the ground because it creates an environment for pests to flourish. If you don’t want an infestation of insects and rodents, put all yard waste in an appropriate dumpster. If you have issues with a dumpster not being serviceable, please call the City of Dumas Solid Waste Department (806) 934-4866.

If you have any large items you want to dispose of including but not limited to couches, dressers, mattresses, box springs, tree limbs, tree branches, discarded lumber, chairs, recliners, tables, book shelves, bed frames, pallets, logs, and/or anything else that doesn’t fit in the dumpster as residential household trash, place these items neatly BEHIND YOUR OWN FENCE. Then call the City of Dumas Solid Waste Department (806) 934-4866 who will come to pick the debris up at their earliest convenience. Your debris does not need to be placed by a dumpster. Any of your debris needs to be placed behind your own fence. Your neighbors who are “blessed” enough to have a dumpster behind their property will appreciate your efforts. You are already paying for 800 lbs. of solid waste pick up per month with your city utility bill. So in almost all instances you will not be charged a single penny more than you are already paying for the Solid Waste Department to pick up your debris. If large items are not put out properly, illegal dumping charges may be filed on you. (Illegal Dumping = B misdemeanor, A misdemeanor, or State Jail Felony depending on the volume or weight of debris)

It should be noted that tires are only picked up when the city can obtain federal or state tire disposal grants. For this reason, if you have any old tires that you aren’t going to take to a licensed tire disposal facility yourself, please keep the tires out of public view on your own property until the city notifies you that we will be conducting a tire disposal pick up. You can also take your used tires to the landfill yourself. The City of Dumas Landfill tire disposal fees are the lowest in the panhandle and are as follows;

Automobile tires residents = $1.00 contractors = $1.00
Truck Tires (7.5x20 to 17.5x25) residents = $3.00 contractors = $3.00
Larger Truck Tires residents = $7.50 contractors = $7.50
Tractor Tires residents = $10.00 contractors $10.00
Heavy Equipment Tires residents = $25.00 contractors = $25.00

Please dispose of trash in proper containers

Don't accumulate trash