Code and Health Department Angela Robles & Saul Ledezma & 806-935-4101 ext 207

Code Enforcement

Health/Code Department
124 W 6th ST

The City Commission has adopted city codes specifically designed to address possible nuisances and to maintain a clean environment for all citizens in our community.  
About Us:The Code Enforcement Department receives and investigates complaints from citizens within the city limits.  The following are what the Code Enforcement Department enforces:

  • High grass/weeds on properties.  Grass/weeds are not to exceed 12 inches in height. 
  • Inoperable or abandoned vehicles on private property. Junked/dismantled vehicles that can be seen from public right of ways. 
  • Junk, trash, debris accumulation providing a health or fire hazard. 

The Code Enforcement Department also has a Health Inspector that inspects food establishment within the City of Dumas.  Some duties of the Health Department include:

  • Inspect food establishments on a regular basis.  Usually once a year, and for complaints. 
  • Receives and investigates complaints that are health related concerning food establishments. 
  • Environmental health inspections for foster or adoption purposes and daycare's.

Health Permit Application