High Grass and Weeds Frequently asked questions Ordinance No. 974

What is considered to be high grass/weeds?

Any grass/weeds that grows rank over twelve inches.

What is considered to be dangerous high weeds?

Any grass/weeds that grows over twenty four inches.

Am I responsible for mowing my alley? Easement?

 Yes, the alley is your responsibility and any easement that abuts your property.

What are the consequences for not keeping my property mowed?

Any of the following can occur, a warning given, or a citation issued, or the City performs the task and bills the owner.

Can the city mow my property without notice?

Yes, if your high grass/weeds are taller than twenty four inches they are considered dangerous and must be abated.  Also if your property is in violation before the anniversary of your first warning the City can perform the task without notifying the owner.

What can occur if I don't pay the bill for mowing my property?

The city will be able to put a lien on your property.

Why do I need to keep my property mowed?

 High grass/weed is a health hazard on the part that it provides pests such as mosquitoes, snakes, skunks, and rodents a place to dwell.  High grass/weeds are a fire hazard especially during fire season.

Where can I report high grass/weeds?

You can call the Code Enforcement Officer at 935-4101 or go online and make a complaint at dumastx.gov 

Junked Vehicles Frequently Asked Questions Ord. 1038

What is considered a vehicle under the junked vehicle ordinance?

Any of the following:  Any thing driven or propelled and required to be registered, a trailer or semi-trailer that exceeds 4000 pounds, trailers that are pulled by a vehicle, travel trailers, four wheelers, motorcycles, watercrafts, outboard motors.

What classifies a junked vehicle?

A vehicle that has either an expired registration sticker or inspection sticker, is wrecked, dismantled, inoperable, junked, disabled.

What else can classify as a junked vehicle?

A motor vehicle body, parts or equipment, tools and machinery.

What happens if I don't comply with my junked vehicle?

A citation can be issued and/or your vehicle towed at owners expense.

How can I comply with a junked vehicle warning?

You can do one of the following, completely remove vehicle off of the property, or obtain proper registration and inspection stickers, or place behind an opaque 6ft fence that prevents it from being seen from a public right-of-way.