Health Inspections 
Our Mission:
Regulate food establishments to ensure minimum health standards are maintained to ensure the safety and welfare of the citizens of Dumas. 

Environmental Health Inspections:
The Health Inspector conducts environmental health inspections of all food establishments within the City of Dumas.  All inspections are unannounced and occur during regular business hours.  The City of Dumas operates under the 2006 TFER. 

How the inspections work: 
The inspection is made up of 27 items ranging from critical to non-critical violations.  One hundred (100) demerits are possible.  A score of 0 is excellent and 100 is poor.  A score of 30 or more requires a re-inspection within 24 hours.  Repeated poor scores or violations upon inspection are grounds for closure of the establishment. The Health Department has implemented a very strict letter grade procedure for our health permits. A score of 0 defects = A+. A score of 3-4 points = A.  A score of 5-9 points = B.  A score of 10-30 points = C.  The letter grade is printed on the Health Permit. Each establishment’s Health Permit is supposed to be posted in public view at the establishment.

What is considered a Food Establishment:
Food establishment means an operation that stores, prepares, packages, serves, vends or otherwise provides food for human consumption. 

A food establishment includes the following:

Fast Food Restaurants School Cafeterias Bakeries Soup Kitchens
Catering Business Ice Cream Units Push Carts Day Cares
Mobile Food Vendors Retail Food Stores Hotels Manufactures
Convenience Stores Meat Markets Delis Coffee Shops
Snow Cone Vendors Nursing Homes